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Becoming A More Powerful Witch
Some spells require a lot of power to cast. This article will help with becoming more powerful.

Becoming a more powerful witch takes will power and concentration. You really must be dedicated in witchcraft to cast more powerful spells. Train your will by doing things you hate doing. Like if you hate reading, read for 1 hour everyday. If you hate Broccoli, eat it all time. Another thing to increase your will is to exersise. If you already do, then do it more than you are used too.

To become an advanced witch, you also need to be able to concentrate. To become better at this, you can sit in a room and focus on one thing and don't think about anything else, until you're done. It can be a sound, picture, object, etc. The first time, do it for 5 minutes, then the next time for 7. Keep increasing the time, until you can do it for 30 minutes, or even an hour.

The last and most important thing is to PRACTICE. If you don't practice, you'll never get any better.

Thank you for reading and I hope you all will become better witches! :)


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