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Dark Moon of Hecate
Ritual to Hecate

You Will Need:

~Dark Blue, Purple or White Candle.

~Incense such as Dragon's Blood or Frankincense.


Light the candle of your choice, and then use that candle to light the incense. After the incense has been lighted, let the smoke waft for a little while.

Cast a solitary circle, or if in a group, cast a group circle.

Place the candle and incense in the middle. Start to chant:


'Goddess, Goddess, whom is of wonders and wisdom;

we thank you, for all you do. Goddess, Goddess, mysterious and beautiful,

look down on us with joy.


We do this to thank you, and all you do; for without you in our path we would wonder alone, with no greater deity in our company.''


Blow the candles out, let the incense burn and close the circle. Tell the members or do it yourself, send a little prayer up to her.



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