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Imbolc Chants
A few chants to use this Imbolc!

'Light Of The Candles' Chant-

Light the candles,

feed the flames,

let's circle around,

chant scared names,

beneath the ground,

wakes sleeping seed,

from winter's slumber,

it now is freed,

light the candles,

welcome rebirth,

the returning sun,

renews the earth!


Sweeping Chant-

(Do this as you are sweeping

your house, or porch.)

With this besom filled with power,

Sweep away the old and sour,

Sweep away the chill of death,

As winter draws its last cold breath,

Round round round about,

Sweep the old and useless out!


Homage to the Goddess Chant-

The maiden comes to bring us light,

The winter dies and all is bright,

The frozen ground shall disappear,

All shall sprout for Spring is near!


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