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Energy gaining from fire ritual
This ritual helps you to gain energy from the element of fire, and to connect with it.

First of all fire is dangerous and please do this ritual outdoors only, when no one's at home.

Now you need a pentagram, the smallest candle you can find, some grass, twigs(even papers would do) and a great focus.

Light the candle and concentrate on the flame and just try to concentrate on what the element wants. Now put some grass on top of the burning candle, and keep adding grass and twigs. Slowly you'll see the fire burning into a shape which you want. Now ask the element what you want and do what it asks for. This will easily make you connect with the element then just wait until the fire has burnt out.

You'll feel drowsy after the fire is fully out.

Go to sleep automatically and you can feel the energy!

Good luck!

Blessed be!


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