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Magical Names
Many people choose to take a magical name for their occult works.

Woman's Names

Astrid - The name of many Scandinavian queens and princess, meaning divine strength. (Old Norse)

Calypso - A calm visage hides a women's strong emotions (Greek)

Danika - Morning stat, that which awakens. (Old Slavic)

Dido - Teacher, enlightener. Dido was an ancient priestess of the north African city of Carthage - her name has also come to mean that by teaching and serving others, you gain wisdom yourself

Lilth - Lilith was the first wife of Adam in ancient eastern mythology, and it means "belonging to the night". Lilitu is another version. (East Semitic)

Miranda - Admirable, extraordinary (Latin)

Urania - Meaning heavenly, as Urania was the Greek muse of astronomy (Greek)

Wendy/Wanda - Wanderer - "a dream-led daughter, roaming over glen and dell and seeking violets in the snow." (Old German)

Zeena - The "wecoming" one, from the Greek, Xenia. (Anton LaVey is one "witch" who claims that names beginning with Z are more powerful than, say, those starting with S.)

Zerlinda - Dawn-beautiful (Hebrew/Spanish)

Men's Names

Ammon - The hidden (Egyptain)

Beck - A lonesome brook looking for a river (Celtic)

Conan - Intelligence, wisdom, high exalted (Celtic)

Forrest - Dweller in a forest (Old French)

Frewin - Free, noble, friend (Old English)

Galen - Little bright one (Irish Gaelic)

Marsden - Dweller as the marshy valley (Old English)

Seth - The appointed one (Hebrew)

There are, of course, many other names too - many Wiccans prefer shamanistic names of aboriginal and American Indian origin - others simply take the name of their power animal and incorporate into their own name....


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