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The Crooke Cleansing Ritual.
A cleansing ritual made by my family.

what your going to need:



  1. Open a simple circle by visualizing energy.

  2. Light the candle and say... "May the harshness and passion of fire wash me clean"

  3. Place your index finger in the bowl of rain water then say... "May the purity and Waves of water wash me clean."

  4. Take your finger from the bowl. Hold the feather in the air and say... "May the freedom and the rage of air wash me clean"

  5. Now touch the flower and say... "May the beauty and the Power of Earth wash me clean"

  6. Call your spirit guide, totem, angel, demon, diety followed by "Wash me clean"

For example. "May the power and might of Athena wash me clean" of course this will change person to person, it also works great if more than one person does it.

7. Now to close, thank and dismiss the elements and whatever you have asked to help then close your circle.

Lastly say this, "I am now clean"



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