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Element of Water Meditation
Clear the mind and the soul with Water

1) Either sit on floor or in chair.

2) Clear the mind.

3) Breath in through the nose.

4) Relax everything.

5) Now do not be inside the mind but out.

6) Imagine the ocean in front of you. The waves splashing up towards the beach.

7) Tune out the hearing so you can hear the waves and anything else you might find at a beach.

8) Do not completely lose control of conscious so you can keep up with the breathing.

9) Then imagine you are in the ocean, anywhere, and your head is above the water while the body is in the water. You can't feel yourself swimming, but you know that you are.

10) Just relax there in the ocean, swim around and enjoy the concurrent.

11) Then once you are done relaxing, take yourself out of the sea and fly upwards towards the sky. Feel the cold air on you while you fly away from the ocean (which is your deep relaxation), and leave all negativity behind. The sky does not stop until you come by a white area and it keeps going and going. There is no end. This is the passage to your body, it pretty much represents the Spirit. Keep on flying and while you look up you see your body. See yourself joining with your body then open your eyes.




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