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Black magick and White magick - the Nature of Good and Evil
This is information on my opinion on good and evil, and banishes one of the biggest misconceptions in magickal history.

People often say that they are White witches, like White is synonymous with the word 'good'. This is not so! White magick focuses on solar energies, allowing its users to connect with the Sun and related Gods. Black magick simply focuses on nocturnal energies and deities, such as Nephthys. Nephthys was a Goddess of rivers and night. Besides being a Goddess of war as well, she was not evil. And the 'Rule of Three' refers to when a witch, if cursed, would return the curse upon the sender threefold. It is NOT an automatic thing!. But I digress. There are many so-called White rituals that can destroy your enemies with ease, and many Black rituals which can heal and repair. In Egyptian times, black was the colour of fertile soil - something GOOD for a change, and it was red, the colour of desert sands, that was evil. We Black magickians get such bad publicity these days. It's the magickians who dress in red robes who are the evil ones, but fear of the unknown puts the blame on the night.

Justice? I think not.


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