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Italian Witchcraft
Italian witchcraft is often called stregheria, and has its roots in old folk traditions of Italy. Like many other kinds of witchcraft that are tied to old cultures, much information has been lost over the years.

Not to mention that most forms of Italian witchcraft were a personal family tradition, and passed on within a family line rather than practiced widely by many people.

Traditional Italian beliefs are duo-theistic, meaning there is primarily one Goddess and one God rather than a whole pantheon. The Goddess is Diana and the God is Lucifer. Now don't be alarmed at the Lucifer mention. There is no relation to the Satanic version from Christianity. In this context, Lucifer is a sun God similar in characteristics to Apollo. And speaking of Greek Gods, Diana is the counterpart to Greek Artemis.

Diana and Lucifer had a child, and her name was Aradia. She came to earth to teach humans the art of witchcraft at her mother's request.

Since authentic Italian spirituality was handed down through families, there is not much known to outsiders. Their beliefs and practices were heavily influenced by their connections to their ancestor's spirits as well as to the natural world around them.


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