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Full Moon Calendar for 2012
For spellwork, it can be helpful to know when the next full moon is coming up. These are the dates and exact times of each full moon for 2012. All times are in the Eastern Standard timezone (EST)

January 9th, 2:32am

February 7th, 4:56pm

March 8th, 4:41am

April 6th, 3:20pm

May 5th, 11:36pm

June 4th, 7:11am

July 3rd, 2:51pm

August 1st, 11:27pm

August 31st, 9:57am

September 29th, 11:18pm

October 29th, 3:50pm

November 28th, 9:47am

December 28th, 5:22am


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