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elemental flow tea ceremony
a simple tea and meditation ceremony to boost stamina and alertness

For the tea you will require:

1x preheated tea pot

1tsp of orange pekoe

1tsp ginger

1tsp coriander 

1 tsp star anise

1tsp cinnsmon

as well as equal ammounts of:

rose hips, orange peel & rosemary

All ingreedients need to be placed into a brewing teapot then boiling water ( not luke warm ) poured in and allowed to steep too taste.


The Meditation 

once the tea has had time to steep one cup of the pure tea needs to be swollowed as this tea aids in giving evergy and increasing your natural flow of energy.

find yourself a quiet location where you can focus not on what is outside but what is moving within yourself 

look deep down and visualise your elemental core seek the flow of the energy flowing around your entire body and listen to what it calls for.

follow the path your energy does throught out your body get to know it intimatly you can not be harmed in this place so let go of your fears  your inner self is strong and secure now slowly come back from your inner self rembering your flow and the feelings of your elements running throught your veins

to close the ceremony one more cup of the tea to keep the energy flowing strong  and thank your deity for their support



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