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Premonitions are complex and strange things. They come to those with natural psychic abilities, and one should only read this if they have the gift of Clairvoyance.

To use clairvoyance one must be born with natural clairvoyant abilities. Being naturally psychic, I wish to share my (limited) knowledge with others of my kind.

To access this omniscient gift, there are three steps:

1. Establish a connection.

To be able to even sense on coming events, one must develop a connection with who or what they are attempting to see.

2. Awareness.

One must be aware of their targets surroundings before seeing the future of said target.

3. Categorize.

Concentrating on your target will bring flashes of random, sometimes incoherent thoughts. One must be able to sort out what is useful and what is just an errant thought.

With these tools in mind, be careful with what you see, and how much you reveal. Many people do not wish to know their futures.


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