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Embracing the Night Ritual
A ritual to help, embrace the night and start your path to the darker aspects of magick.

Step one : Stand at your altar. Think only about darkness.

Step two: Grab your wand and point it in the direction of your altar.

Step Three: While your wand is pointing facing the direction of your altar, Chant:Viam deducet me daemones tenebrarum, erit vester minister

Step Four: Light five candles and each time you light them Say:daemones drige me

Step Five : Imagine you walking in the dark.

Step Six: After a few good mins, with your lights completely off blow out the candles

Step Seven: Walk in the dark slowly for about a min.

Step Eight: Go back to your altar and say:Daemones vobis gratias

Step Nine: Say: Ego hic per explere rituali



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