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Visualize Meditation
You can meditate to any of your favorite characters. This helps a lot if you want to do a fanficts or just for fun. This is not Astral Projection cause your soul does not exit your body.

*First off, we need to get into meditation. You only need the pose and that is it.

*Then, you visualize your location (example: I like going to the Draco realm so I visualize the floating islands connected by bridges made like the the islands. Or another is to your favorite TV shows/movies. Example: I like to go to Johnny Test show. I imagine the whole place. I go there cause of one mole named Zertha. He is a black- gray furred mole and he is a king.)

*Now, you either wait for something to happen, or you can go and do something.

Any questions please let me know and i will tell you. A lot of people have been asking me how I could contact a phoenix through meditation. Also, this Visualization Meditation does not come immediately to everyone. It did for me. I have not mastered the clearing of my mind yet. But once I get use to meditation, then, I will do clearing of the mind.

Thank you so much for reading this. ^^


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