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Gods & Goddesses of Ancient Greece & Rome
There are hundreds of Gods & deities of these religions.



Zeus- God of the sky and ruler of the Olympian Gods.

Poseidon- God of the sea, protector of all waters.

Hades- Ruler of the Underworld and also God of wealth.

Hestia- Goddess of the Hearth

Hera- The supreme Goddess and also the Goddess of marriage & childbirth

Ares- God of war.

Athena- Goddess of reason, intelligent activity, literature, the city, handicrafts, & agriculture.

Apollo- God of music, light, & truth

Aphrodite- Goddess of love, desire, & beauty

Hermes- God of thieves & commerce.

Artemis- Goddess of chastity, virginity, the hunt, the moon, & the natural environment.

Hephaestus- God of fire & forge.

Other Gods:

Demeter- Goddess of corn, grain, & the harvest.

Persephone- Goddess of springtime & the Queen of the Underworld.

Dionysus- God of Fertility & Wine.

Eros- God of love.

Hebe- Goddess of youth.

Eris- Goddess of discord.

Helios- God of the sun.

Thanatos- God of death.

Pan- God of flocks & shepherds.

Nemesis- God of righteous anger.

Aether- God of upper air & light.

Ananke- Goddess of inevitability, compulsion, & neccesity.

Erebos- God of darkness and shadow.

Hemera- Goddess of daylight.

Chronos- God of time.

Nesoi- Goddess’ of the islands.

Nyx- Goddess of night.

Uranus- God of the heavens.

Ourea- Gods of the mountains.

Phanes- God of procreation.

Anteros- Got of requited love.

Hedylogos- God of sweet talk & flattery.

Himeros- God of sexual desire.

Pothos- God of sexual longing, yearning, & desire.

Eunomia- Goddess of good order & lawful conduct.

Harmonia- Goddess of harmony & concord.

Hypnos- God of sleep.

Nike- Goddess of victory.

Morpheus- God of dreams.

Tyche- Goddess of fortune,chance, providence, & fate.

Hecate- Goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, the moon, ghosts, & necromancy.

Aegaeon- God of violent sea storms.

Amphitrite- Sea Goddess.

Brizo- Goddess of sailors.

Ceto- Goddess of the dangers of the ocean & of sea monsters.

Glaucus- God of fishermen.

Hydros- God of water.

Ichthyocentaurs- Sea gods.

Leucothea- Sea Goddess.

Galene- Goddess of calm seas

Psamathe- Goddess of sand beaches.

Nereus- God of the sea’s rich bounty of fish.

Macaria- Goddess of blessed death.

Palaemon- Young sea God.

Phorcys- God of the hidden dangers of the deep.

Pontos- God of the sea, fish, and other creatures.

Proteus- Prophetic old sea God.

Scylla- Monstrous sea Goddess.

Thaumas- God of the wonders of the sea.

Thoosa- Goddess of swift currents.

Achelois- Moon Goddess

Aeolus- God of the wind.

Alectrona- Solar Goddess of the morning & waking up.

Boreas- God of the north wind & of winter.

Eurus- God of the unlucky east or southeast wind.

Notus- God of the south wind.

Zephyrus- God of the west wind.

Aparctius- God of the north wind.

Apheliotes- God of the east wind.

Argestes- God of the west or northwest wind.

Caicias- God of the northeast wind.

Circios- God of the north or northwest wind.

Euronotus- God of the southeast wind.

Lips- God of the southwest wind.

Skeiron- God of the northwest wind.

Astraios- Titan God of stars, planets, & the art of astrology.

Astra Planeti- Gods of the five wandering stars or planets.

Stilbon- God of Hermaon, the planet Mercury.

Eosphorus- God of Venus the morning star.

Hesperus- God of Venus the evening star.

Pyroeis- God of Areios, the planet Mars.

Phaethon- God of Dios, the planet Jupiter.

Phaenon- God of Kronion, the planet Saturn.

Aura- Goddess of the breeze & the fresh cool air of the morning.

Chione- Goddess of snow.

Selene- Titan Goddess of the moon.

Eos- Titan Goddess of the dawn.

Herse- Goddess of the morning dew.

Iris- Goddess of rainbows.

Menae- Fifty Goddess’ of the phases of the moon & the fifty lunar months of the four-year Olympiad.

Ouranos- Primeval God of the heavens.

Pandia- Goddess of the full moon & the earth nourishing dew.

Pleiades- Goddess’ of the constellations.

Aetna- Goddess of the volcanic Mount Etna in Italy.

Amphictyonis- Goddess of wine & friendship between nations.

Aristaeus- God of beekeeping, cheese-making, herding, olive-growing & hunting.

Attis- God of vegetation.

Britomartis- Cretan Goddess of hunting & nets.

Cabeiri- Gods or spirits who presided over the mysteries of the islands of Lemnos & Samothrace.

Chloris- Goddess of flowers.

Comus- God of revelry, merrymaking & festivity.

Corymbus- God of the fruit of the ivy.

Gaia- Primeval Goddess of the earth.

Hecaterus- God of the dance Hekateris.

Eunomia- Springtime Goddess of green pastures.

Eirene- Goddess of the springtime.

Thallo- Goddess of spring buds & shoots.

Auxo- Goddess of spring growth.

Karpo- Goddess of the fruits of the earth.

Priapus- God of garden fertility.

Silenus- God of the dance of the wine-press.

Telete- Goddess of initiation into the Bacchic orgies.

Aphaea- Goddess of agriculture & fertility.

Carmanor- Cretan harvest God.

Chrysothemis- Goddess of the Golden Custom.

Despoina- Arcadian Goddess of mysteries.

Eunostus- Goddess of the flower mill.

Plutus- God of wealth & agricultural wealth.

Aceso- Goddess of healing wounds & curing illnesses.

Aegle- Goddess of radiant good health.

Asclepius- God of healing.

Epione- Goddess of healing of the pain.

Hygieia- Goddess of cleanliness & good health.

Laso- Goddess of cures, remedies, & modes of healing.

Panacea- Goddess of healing.

Acratopotes- God of unmixed mine and incontinence.

Astraea- Goddess of justice.

Charites- Goddess of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity, & fertility.

Aglaea- Goddess of beauty, adornment, splendor & glory.

Euphrosyne- Goddess of good cheer, joy, mirth & merriment.

Thalia- Goddess of festive celebrations, rich luxurious banquets.

Antheia- Goddess of flowers & flowery wreaths.

Pasithea- Goddess of rest & relaxation.

Circe- Goddess-Witch of Aeaea.

Eileithyia- Goddess of childbirth.

Enyalius- God of war.

Enyo- Goddess of destructive war.

Harpocrates- God of silence.

Hermaphroditus- God of hermaphrodites & effeminate men.

Hymenaios- God of marriage & marriage feasts.

Ichnaea- Goddess of tracking.

Lynx- Goddess of the love charm.

Muses- Goddess’ of music, song & dance, & the source of inspiration of poets.

Palaestra- Goddess of wrestling.

Rhapso- Goddess-Nymph of sewing.


Major Gods:

Apollo- God of the sun, music, poetry, & oracles.

Bacchus- God of wine.

Ceres- Goddess of agriculture.

Cupid- God of love.

Diana- Goddess of hunting.

Fauna- Goddess of animals

Flora- Goddess of flowers & spring

Fortuna- Goddess of fortune.

Janus- God of doors, beginnings, & endings.

Juno- Goddess of marriage.

Jupiter- King of the Gods, sky, & rain.

Mars- God of war.

Mercury- God of commerce & finance.

Minerva- Goddess of wisdom, the city, education, science & war.

Neptune- God of the sea.

Pluto- God of the Underworld.

Saturn- God of harvest & agriculture.

Venus- Goddess of love & beauty.

Vesta- Goddess of the hearth & the Roman state.

Vulcan- God of fire, the forge, and blacksmiths.

Other Gods:

Abuntia- Goddess of abundance & prosperity.

Acis- God of the Acis Riven in Sicily.

Aerecura- Goddess of the underworld.

Aesculapius- God of health & medicine.

Aeternitas- Goddess of eternity.

Aion- God of cyclical & unbounded time.

Angerona- Goddess who relieved people of pain and sorrow.

Angitia- Goddess of healing & snakes.

Anna Perenna- Goddess of the circle of the year.

Antevorta- Goddess of the future.

Aurora- Goddess of the dawn.

Averruncus- God of adverting calamity.

Bellona- Goddess of war.

Bona Dea- Goddess of fertility, healing & chastity.

Bubona- Goddess of cattle.

Caca- Goddess of fire.

Cacus- God of fire.

Caelus- God of the sky.

Camenae- Goddess’ of fresh water, prophecy & childbirth.

Candelifera- Goddess of childhood.

Cardea- Goddess of the hinge.

Carmenta- Goddess of childbirth & pregnancy.

Carna- Goddess who preserved the health of the heart & other internal organs.

Clementia- Goddess of forgiveness & mercy.

Cloacina- Goddess of the sewers in Rome.

Concordia- Goddess of agreement.

Consus- God of protecting grain storage.

Dea Dia- Goddess of growth.

Dea Tacita- Goddess of the dead.

Decima- Goddess who measures the thread of life.

Deverra- Goddess of midwives and of women in labor.

Diana- Goddess of the hunt.

Discordia- Goddess of discord.

Dius Fidius- God of oaths.

Dis Pater- God of wealth & the underworld.

Edesia- Goddess of food.

Empanda- Goddess whose temple never closed to those in need.

Epona- Goddess of horses & horsemanship.

Fabulinus- God of children.

Fama- Goddess of fame & rumor.

Fascinus- God who protected people from the evil eye.

Fauna- Goddess of prophecy.

Faunus- God of flocks.

Faustitas- Goddess who protected herd & livestock.

Februus- God of purification.

Febris- Goddess with the power to cause or prevent fevers or malaria.

Felicitas- Goddess of good luck & success.

Ferentina- Goddess of the city Ferentinum, Latium & protector of the Latin commonwealth.

Feronia- Goddess of plebeians, freedmen & liberality.

Fides- Goddess of loyalty.

Fontus- God of wells & springs.

Hilaritas- Goddess of rejoicing & good humor.

Hespera- Goddess of dusk

Hippona- Goddess of horses.

Honos- God of military honours & chivalry.

Intercidona- Goddess of childbirth.

Innus- God of fertility, sexual intercourse & protector of livestock.

Invidia- Goddess of envy & jealousy.

Iris- Goddess of the rainbow.

Justitia- Goddess of justice.

Juturna- Goddess of fountains, wells, & springs.

Juventas- Goddess of youth.

Lares- Gods of the household.

Liber- God of male fertility, viniculture, & freedom

Libertas- Goddess of freedom & personification.

Libitina- Goddess of death, corpses, & funerals.

Luna- Goddess of the moon.

Lupercus- God of shepherds.

Manna Genita- Goddess of infant mortality.

Mantus- God of the dead and ruler of the underworld.

Mater Matuta- Goddess of dawn & childbirth.

Meditrina- Goddess of healing.

Mefitis- Goddess of poisonous gases & volcanic vapours.

Mellona- Goddess of bees & beekeeping.

Mithras- God worshiped by Roman soldiers.

Molae- Goddess’ of grinding of the grain.

Moneta- Goddess of memory.

Morta- Goddess of death.

Muta- Goddess of silence.

Murcia- Goddess of sloth & laziness.

Naenia- Goddess of funerary lament.

Necessitas- Goddess of destiny.

Nemesis- Goddess of revenge.

Nerio- Goddess of war.

Nixi- Goddess’ of childbirth.

Nox- Goddess of night.

Opis- Goddess of resources & plenty.

Orcus- God of the underworld & punisher of broken oaths.

Palatua- Goddess who guarded the Palatine Hill.

Pax- Goddess of peace.

Penates- Gods of the household.

Picumnus- God of fertility, agriculture, matrimony, infants & children.

Picus- God with oracular powers.

Pietas- Goddess of duty.

Pilumnus- God that protects infants at birth.

Poena- Goddess of punishment.

Pomona- Goddess of fruit trees, orchards, & gardens.

Porrima- Goddess of the future.

Portunes- God of keys, doors, & livestock.

Postverta- Goddess of childbirth & the past.

Proserpina- Goddess of grain & Queen of the Underworld.

Providentia- Goddess of forethought.

Pudicitia- Goddess of chastity.

Quirinus- God of war, the Roman People, & the Roman state.

Quiritis- Goddess of motherhood.

Robigo- God/Goddess of grain disease and protected crops.

Rumina- Goddess who protected breastfeeding mothers.

Salacia- Goddess of sea water.

Salus- Goddess of public welfare of the Roman People.

Sanctus- God of loyalty, honesty, & oaths.

Securitas- Goddess of security.

Silvanus- God of woodlands & forests.

Sol Invictus- God of the sun.

Somnus- God of sleep.

Sors- God of luck.

Spes- Goddess of hope.

Stata Mater- Goddess who protected against fires.

Sterquilinus- God of fertilizer.

Summanus- God of nocturnal thunder.

Tempestes- Goddess of storms.

Terra Mater- Goddess of the earth & land.

Terminus- God of boundaries.

Tiberinus- God of the Tiber River.

Tibertus- God of the Anio River.

Tranquillitas- Goddess of peace & tranquillity.

Trivia- Goddess of magic & crossroads.

Ubertas- Goddess of agriculture.

Unxia- Goddess of marriage.

Uranus- God of the sky.

Vacuna- Goddess of rest after harvest & protector of farmers sheep.

Vendiovus- God of the underworld.

Venilia- Goddess of the sea.

Veritas- Goddess of virtue & truth.

Verminus- God of cattle worms.

Vertumnus- God of the seasons, gardens, & fruit trees.

Vica Pota- Goddess of victory & competitions.

Victoria- Goddess of victory.

Virbius- God of the forest.

Virtus- God/Goddess of military strength.

Volturnus- God of water.

Voluptas- Goddess of pleasure.


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