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Spell Bottles; Pt 1-House protection
Spell bottles, or witch bottles, are used for many purposes. Here are just a few.

Items Needed:

-1 glass bottle with cork


-3 cloves garlic

-9 bay leaves

-pinch of dried basil

-Dill seeds

-1 tbsp sage

-1 tbsp anise

-1 tbsp black pepper

-1 tbsp fennel

-1 bowl

'In the morning on a bright day,assemble all the spices, starting with the salt- add in the bowl and say:

Salt that protects, protect my home and all within it'

Address all spices the same way in this order;

>Garlic cloves

>crumple bay leaves





>B pepper


Mix the herbs together with your hands, as you mix the herbs picture a safe secure placeand place in the jar.

recite; 'salt and herbs, nine times nine, guard now this home of mine

the end..


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