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What to do on Full Moon
Sooooo...... you're not a werewolf and it's full moon. You want something to do... read below.

Opition One- Go outside and do some werewolf hunting. Bring a flashlight and a first-aid kit. Go to a nearby forest, shine your flashlight, and look for glowing red eyes, or footprints of a ball with three triangles. That is a werewolf footprint. Listen for a howl that sounds like a regular howl but higher pitched. If you encounter a werewolf attacked, don't run. Hide behind a tree. Werewolves are very gulible. If you get hurt easily put a band-aid and some gel on your wound. If you get bitten, CONGRATS! You are now a werewolf. Leave the bite alone. You will feel a change. You are in wolf form now.

Option Two- Cast a spell on the moon. This spell that I will give you will give you some moon dust and understand the moon's thoughts. Here it is:

Look directly at the moon and say:

Connect us side by side,

worlds collide,

the moon and me,

are family.

Spend the night basically talking to the moon. It is very interesting. Trust me.

That's all!

Contact me if you want more ideas and tell me hat kind of thing you want ot do. I'll be there!


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