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Candle Magic
A beginner's lesson in the art of Candle Magic.




        Candle magic is such a popular form of magic due to its simplicity, yet effective and powerful sympathetic magic. Furthermore, candles can be used for either quick spells or elaborate rituals. But the biggest attraction to candle magic is that you can personalize the candle to fit any situation.

        For example, you can dress candles in oils, carve symbols into them, & chose specific colors or shapes. If you go to the lengths of making the candle yourself, then you can add herbs, dirt/ice/air, hair, pictures, spells written on paper & really anything you want into the mixture. I would suggest making your own candles not only because you can personalize everything about them, but it will embody your energy into the candle.

Dressing Candles:


        The purpose of dressing a candle is to remove the previous energies attached to the candle and replace them with new energies aimed toward the purpose of your spell/candle magic. There are many different techniques for dressing candles and it would be to your benefit to research more when you are more experienced with candle magic.


        There are 2 main ways to dress a candle; to either attract or push something to/away from you. If you want to attract something to yourself, rub oil from the top to the middle, and then from the bottom to the middle of the candle. If you want to push something away, rub oil from the middle to the top, and then from the middle to the bottom.

Extinguishing Candles:


        Some practitioners will say never to blow out a candle since it is rumored to end the magical working you just completed. Instead, they either let the candle burn until there is nothing left of it or they snuff it out with a candle snuffer. Since it is your magical working however, do whatever is more comfortable for you.


Last Tips:

        Remember to cleanse your candles, tools and work space before you begin. This will remove other energies and thus increase the success of your working. You can do this by smudging things with sage, incense, salt or even visualize white light 'washing' the area or tools.

Candle Colors: (Normal color correspondences also apply)


·         Healing

·         Spiritual Enlightenment

·         Purification

·         Protection

·         Lunar Rituals

·         Substituting other colors



·         Creativity

·         Unity

·         Confidence

·         Happiness



·         Money & Prosperity

·         Working with the sun.



·          Romance, Friendship & Love



·          Intellect



·         Healing

·         Growth



·         Spirituality

·         Relaxation



·         Health & Healing

·         Passion, Lust, Love & Magnetism

·         Strength



·         Power

·         Success

·         Psychic Ability



·         Earth Energy

·         Concentration

·         Telepathy



·         Spirituality

·         Meditation

·         Tranquility



·         Prosperity, abundance & money

·         Health & Healing

·         Rejuvenation

·         Fertility



·         Opens mind on deeper levels

·         Banishes evil & negativity

·         Protection

·         Hexes & Curses

·         Contacting demons


Figurine candles: 

Female: (Forissues with women or yourself if female.)

·         Green is for fertility, good fortune, wealth & healing women.

·         Red is for lust, love, romance, healing, energizing & fertility.

·         Black is for banishing, binding & protection from women. 


Male:(For issues with men or yourself if male.)

·         Green is for fertility, good fortune, wealth & healing men.

·         Red is for lust, love, romance, healing, energizing & fertility.

·         Black is for banishing, binding & protection from men.



·         White is for protecting familiars, luck & unhexing. 

·         Black is for banishing & binding.

·         Red is for love, lust & relationships. 

·         Green is for haling a pet.



·         White is for necromancy, contacting the dead & protection. 

·         Red is for preventing fertility. 

·         Black is for stopping psychic attacks, reflectingmagic, banishing & binding. 


Lovers Candle:

·         Green is for fertility. 

·         Red is for fidelity, strengthening relationships & family unity.

·         Black is for ending a relationship & divorce.


Seven Knobbed:

·         White is for wishes, protection & general magic.

·         Green is for fertility, good fortune, wealth & healing.

·         Red is for lust, love, romance, healing, energizing & fertility. 

·         Black is for banishing, binding & protection



·         Red is for lust, love & pleasure.

·         Black is for banishing & binding.



·         Red is for raising energy. 

·         Black is for banishing, binding & protection from magic.


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