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Types of Robes,Staves,and Wands
This is a small note of what I know of staves,wands,and robes.

ROBES - The types of robes depend on your study or on the ritual. If you are a necromancer you may were black with some dark design on it like a skull or pentagram and if you're an elementalist you may put a white robe with green, blue, red, and silver or yellow for wind ect. During rituals you may want to wear what ever robe will fit best with what you're doing. A ritual or spell to summon a fairy (or faery) you may want to wear a robe that represents good nature magic. If your conjuring a demon or skeleton a black robe with a dark symbol. You can also sprinkle an essence of something to go with the robe. For necromancers it would be blood or bone meal and for elementalist it would be ashes or ice pieces.

WANDS - You can make a wand out of a broken branch or a branch you break off and then you carve. I prefer to use a staff for rituals and such, but wands are more useful for the younger and less experienced. I use a staff for protection, banishment, and more but you use a wand or staff it's your choice. You use it for whatever. In some schools you may want a staff instead such as protection, defense, to ward away charms and evil and such.

STAVES - Staves are another of your ritual or spell tools too. As weapons you can use them to draw on the ground, radiate spells from them, or make barriers and banishments. An example is I would hold my staff up in the air after I summon something, chant a few words and a barrier would separate me from it or just trap it in the summoning circle. Another is I use a fire spell and send a small ball of fire after him or an illusion of some sort. You can use your staff for whatever but for some schools of magic you may want a wand over a staff for elementalist, weather magic , pointing.


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