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Spiritual Dimension Meditation Technique
This is how to get into the spiritual dimension. NOT ASTRAL PROJECTION.

1. What is the spiritual dimension?: The spiritual dimension is like astral projection but into a full out spiritual form.

How is it done?: Getting into the spiritual dimension is fairly simple.

Step 1: Go into a state of meditation.

Step 2: Feel the energy (ki) around you. Then feel your SPIRIT not astral body or animal spirit. Your SPIRIT.

Step 3: Begin to become your spirit. And just your spirit. Then you must float upwards, leaving your physical body behind.

Step 4: Go beyond the clouds beyond space and time. Beyond all astral and physical places. Soon you should feel ground under you. Open your eyes.

Step 5: You should see that youm surroundings are different. If this is true, you've preformed the technique correctly.

What happens in the spiritual dimension?: Well anything really. But don't forget, time runs differently in the spiritual dimension. 1 second in the physical world is equal to 100 years in the spiritual world. But don't worry! Your spirit won't age and your physical body is in the physical world. Hope this helps!



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