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Old Ways Plant Magick
The old world made way for the new age, but it is still alive. Here are old plant magic correspondences.

Plants of Venus are green or pink. They have seven parts and can be used for love, friendship, and fertility.

Plants of Saturn and Pluto are black or brown. They ground, bind, conceal, or end life. They have three parts.

Plants of Mars are red. They have five parts. They give strength, courage, will, virility, and some can be deadly plants, and aid warriors.

Plants of Mercury and Uranus are orange or blue and have eight parts. They aid healing, communication, travelers, and athletes.

Plants of the Sun are yellow and have six parts. They protect, heal, rid fear, aid creativity, manifestation, and sight.

Plants of the Moon (Diana) are white and have nine parts. They protect, strengthen the will and magick. They aid dreams and the subconscious, heal, aid in growth, and emotional psychological well being such as depression, anxiety, and fear.

Plants of Jupiter have four parts and are purple. They aid in temperance, abstinence, expanse spirituality, teachers and authority, legal issues, justice, and vengeance.

Plants can be ruled by more than one planetary influence and have the influence of both or more.

I hope this helped. Blessed Be


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