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Natural Energy
The best energy to be used by the tolerant.

Natural energy is energy that can be collected from the atmosphere and terrain. If one can collect the natural energy from around them and combine and balance it with the spiritual and physical energy that makes up their own, they can become powerful and do the unthinkable with there new found abilities , allowing them to use Natural Energy. This method can be taught by the sages from or it can be natural learned like I myself did. practitioners can then learn to draw the energy of nature inside of them blending it with their own chakra (created from spiritual and physical energy within), adding a new dimension of power to the body, resulting in the creation of "sen energy". This energy cannot be seen by anyone other than those who have been trained in natural energy it can only be felt at first. This new energy enables the user to enter an empowered state I call Miona(Me-own-ah), which can then drastically increase the strength of all energy based spells/attacks, and physical attacks. A person who is able to use Natural energy is called a sage. The user is required to balance his/her physical and spiritual energy with the natural energy he/she gathers from nature.


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