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How to Become a Witch or Wizard
This is what I know.

Your desire is your invitation, you're all children of the lord and lady but to become a witch is to be chosen by the Goddess above all covens who has many names (Diana, Hecate, Azna, Mother God etc). At the full moon, go before her in the woods or at the cross roads and speak your desires. Bring an offering of a flower, crescent cookie, or wine to her, and ask her for a sign. If she accepts you will hear a dog bark or howl, a black cat to cross your path etc, or tell her what you want it to be such as coming to you in a dream, telling you or talking to you mentally (telepathically), and so shall it be. Learn all, ask for everything. Blessed Be )O(

To become a wizard, there are so many types. Hermetic, Egyptian, Satanic/dark, and/or priest of the old religion etc. Know everything. A wizard is wise and understanding, and is usually any priest or preacher and male. They are usually chosen by God. Ask him if it is your religion in the same way you would the Goddess. Devote yourself to the craft and them seek out the spirits of old and listen to what they have to say as well as the lord and lady. They speak mentally (telepathically), or even audibly and can appear. I know from experience. Blessed Be


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