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Finding Yourself
A lot of us have no direction. I hope this helps.

Get a note book and write these topics and fill it out. It is a book of reflections and finding yourself.

Write your zodiac, your name, time of birth, how your loved ones view you, their nicknames for you, your magickal name, how you look,

what you want to be, (a doctor, goddess, fairy, princess, Spider man etc.), how your life should have been, (your dream life), what your life was like, your new years resolution, (time to make it happen),

what you think is harmful or good for you (good and evil), your family and loved ones (friends etc. No enemies, they don't matter), how you want your afterlife to be, what your heaven should be like,

what you want to have(your wishes).

Everything you want in life, check it as you get it.

A letter to your God or Goddess (give them permission to read your book and help you) say what you want them to hear. Be yourself

and anything else I missed you wish to cover.

I hope this makes your dreams come true especially finding yourself

-Blessed Be )O(


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