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The first magic
what i know people

The dreamworld is the spirit world it is where go when we sleep and die, its all around us.The first magic was the dream power that created everything, its the power of our spirit.The great spitits created all of us, we are THEIR children, and we possess their power to create out of our mind, through imagination, visualization, and will.The veil seperates both sides but through training imagination visualization and will your dreampower will manifest as vivid real hallucinations not just illusion but reality, because thats what realty is a manifestation of the mind thought and energy are one as is spirit and reality like created like you are an eternal spirit being with their power a deity .

Imagination-are images but you image it as reality children do this at play even becomeing it in the dreamworld/spiritworld our mind is reality through which our sences thoughts manifest as real to us the reality around us we live in the memory our mind our thoughts are reality and if you perceieve it as reality it is real and exist

visualization like imagination you see it by focusing or projecting the thought or image around you or place or thing as reality see it real so it becomes real

will where your attention goes your energy flows your intent focus concentration power force is your will never give up be steadfast and unmoved your will shall be law

i hope this helped )O(


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