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Spirits, Ghosts, And Demons
Destroying Ghosts, Spirits, and protection from Demons.

Spirits and Ghosts are usually held down for many reasons here are just a few:


* These types of ghosts can be particularly dangerous because they sometimes can even have power over the elements them selves.*

~Intense Hatred or Regret

* We are told to live without regrets and this comes with a reason, very dangerous as they are often malevolent spirits.*

~ Unfinished business

* Dangerous and Harmless in that they will finish what they must.*

~ Tortured when they were alive

* Some are harmless or some are vengeful.*

It does not matter what spirit you are fighting, the same goes for all of them, Salt the body and burn it to ashes or try to help it in some way. The third way is a little harder but involves allowing to spirits to cancel each other out.

Demons are Typically more dangerous because they have a very wide variety and legends about them. The general rule of thumb is, Don' let them posses you, they posses people that are weak or unstable emotionally or mentally. And If you encounter one, show no emotions, not fear, nothing, center, and project an energy shield. As for destroying them, each one is unique to having specific weakness, just need to identify the demon.


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