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The pentacle and pentegram
I wanted to share what i know on the witches rune.

THE pentacle is the GODDESS, reversed is the pentegram ,the Horned one. GOD and GODDESS, in union (mateing for lack of a better word).It is a symbol of the practioner, as well the unborn child. Inside is a inverted star made by traceing another pentacle. it represents the unborn god or practioner it can be traced infinitly. life is an endless cycle ,the seasons ,spring ,summer, winter, and fall, are reborn as it represents birth, life ,death, and rebirth. four points and a fith, the CHILD all five points, east -right point air (to know), south fire (to WILL),water (to dare), earth (TO be silent), FITH -(all called on to the practioner /To believe). The spirit called on the four elements in the womb, UNIVERSE, becoming manifest, a symbol of creation AIR -knowledge, breath, FIRE, energy ,our body heat.Earth our flesh, matter, form, water, our body fluid, blood ,emotion ,intuition . like for like the star inclosed in the circle is the symbol of the universe, as above so below, as withen so without.

IN magic the pentacle can be drawn on your picture, or parchment ,on your birth day and carried with you. Your name in the center for protection sigils of angels or demons are inscribed inside it to,to be manifest it is traced upon the ground as a protective all purpose magic circle. IT is a symbol of creation-and magic i hope this helped you blessed be )O(


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