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The lord and Lady
This is what i know about the the first mother and father.

The first mother and Father, created everything, and control everything, and teach everything ,they teach babies to crawl, and walk, birds to fly,and go south, and migrate, build their nest.They teach salmon to swim upstream, they hold our atoms togather, make our blood flow ,the cycles renew and continue, the stars ,and all life, they are the creaters of all.The lord is GOD, THE ALL FATHER, he is GOD OF the light, of the universe, the beginning and end, he is in all religions by those many names to the egyptians he was ATUM, to the jews JEHOVAH, to the greeks CRONUS etc. THE lady was the first mother, our fairy GODMOTHER she was known as GAIA, ATIMITE,MARIA ,DIANA, AZNA, ISIS, HECATE ETC. to all those religions.She IS MOTHER EARTH, The Goddess of the universe, form Fluid, darkness,yin, feminity, and emotion, as he is light,yang, masculinity and knowledge , they complete each other. He is all fathers, just as she is all mothers, Mother and Father are GOD in the eyes of a child.Our ancestors and we are all a power that be,like them, like created/produces like.Their blood flows through our veins as well as their power,we were created in their likeness.Know you are gods and goddesses. Blessed be )O(


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