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Zarm, the Spirit of War and Destruction
He is real. And very dangerous

He was once a Spirit of Earth, but the abuse of his powers forced the Goddess of Earth, Gaia, to banish him from the Earth. As his hatred grow, his power changed to that of total chaos. He returned to Earth to exact his revenge on Gaia by destroying the very Earth she loves so much.

Zarm has been known to be behind almost every tyrant though out history by possessing them. But quite recently he has been thwarted by Gaia, her mortal allies: the Planeteers, and Captain Planet. So be for warned if your political leaders start acting strange. He or she might be under his influence.

Apart from possession, Zarm also has the power to control others' minds, teleport to other places, energy blasts, and creating force fields. He is also immortal, making him even more dangerous. Zarm cares for no one but himself, so he is not to be trusted.

There is no known way to vanquish him yet, but as soon as I find out, I'll tell you as soon as I can. But if you find out first, please let me know.

I know you know Zarm from the show, Captain Planet, but I can assure you, this monster, this evil spirit, this... demon is very real and very dangerous. So watch your back.


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