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Daily Correspondences
A more detailed list of correspondences for each day of the week


Keywords: Hope, victory, self expression, creativity, health, success, goals, courage, faith, confidence, determination, healing, spirituality, strength, protection.

*Sunday is a good day for healing/self-healing spells, overcoming obstacles, protective magick, Power and energy spells, and success.


Keywords: Family, purity, healing, wisdom, psychic work, dream magick, intuition, past life, growth, peace, creativity, protection.

*Monday is good for Meditation, divination/psychic work, learning about/discovering Past Life, cleansing and purification of self, family/loved ones, and/or home. Studying and wisdom, personal growth, Family matters (Protection, love, blessing, healing).


Keywords: Passion, courage, protection, action/change, energy, strength, conflict, war, love, enemies.

*Tuesday is good for change-like banishing the bad and bringing the good or starting a new beginning. love spells, dealing with conflict and enemies-like banishing people, hexes, Karma spells, or protecting yourself from those that wish to harm you. energy spells.


Keywords: business and Jobs, money, healing, wisdom, communication, divination, study

*Wednesday is good for money and job related spells, divination, and studying.


Keywords: expansion, money, growth, family, harvest, social matters.

*Good for solving money issues or bringing money toward you, expansion, and social issues.


Keywords: Family, harmony, friendship, growth, love, beauty, social.

*Work like healing and protection for loved ones, making/keeping friends and good friendships, finding love or sending it to others, Personal growth spells and rituals, beauty, and peace and harmony spells will be at their strongest on this day.


Keywords: Endings, banishing, Justice, growth, binding, death, change, karma

*On this day, banishing spells, putting a end to bad habits, driving out unnecessary or bad people, changing, personal growth, ending the old and bringing the new.


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