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How to Make Incense
A simple way to make incense.

You will need the following tools for making your incense: Cone Measuring spoons Charcoal burner Ash or sea salt Lighter Your herbs Mortar and pestle A jar or bag to keep remaining incense in Procedure Take the herbs you want to use and put it into your mortar and pestle using measuring spoons. Make sure all ingredients are equal. For example, don't put a tablespoon of Thyme in the mix and then put a teaspoon of Anise Seed. You want your ingredients to be equal so that you don't have one aroma cancelling out the others. After you have your chosen herbs in your mortar and pestle, proceed to mix them together, visualizing your intent or saying it out loud. Once your incense is properly crushed, take a cone and put it on top of a jar or bag and put your incense in slowly. After that is done, you will take your charcoal burner and put sea salt or ash in it. Light a charcoal and make sure it is burning as it takes multiple flickers of a lighter to make it burn. Put it in your charcoal burner and cover it with your incense you made. If done correctly, you should have your aroma of hand made incense. Why you should make your own incense: Making hand made incense is better than buying regular incense because you are putting your own intent into it and it is also a part of working with the Element of Fire because you are burning the herbs (also a part of working with Nature/Earth as well).


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