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About Spells
This is some information on spells.

What is a spell?

Spells are like prayers. When you pray you are asking the universe, god, goddess, spirit, etc for help on something or meeting a goal you have planned out. That is basically what a spell is. Asking the universe or whatever you believe in for guidance to increase the chances of something happening or meeting a goal. However, spells need to be coupled with your own effort. This will increase the chances of you meeting your goal. For example, a students wishes to get into a certain college. They do a spell to help them achieve their goal. From here they study and get high marks, when they send out college applications they get in. If they sat around and got pour marks knowing they cast a spell, the odds of the spell working decrease because they didn't earn it.

What is magic or magick?

Magic can be spelled either way, most pagans choose to spell it with the 'k' to differentiate between magicians who pull rabbits from hats, and 'real magic' where you focus energy. Magick is energy found everywhere in nature. As a part of nature, it has limitation, so do not assume every spell works, and everything is possible with magick. It is a way to help our lives when things are tough, not a way to 'get back' at someone, or live out a fantasy. If you have trouble connecting with this energy, try going into the woods, or a park, sit and meditate, or just observe the world around you, you should feel it. To cast a spell, you must connect with this energy, draw it in, and focus it onto your goal.

Are all spells good? Or can I curse someone with magick?

Of course spells can curse people and all that, but it's mainly to help you. Spells are not good nor evil because magick is neutral. It's the intent of the caster which makes it a good 'white magic' or bad 'black magic' spell. Magick is energy and our spells direct that energy. Magick also has no color, it is an unseen force one can feel and influence to be positive or negative. Be sure to think long and hard though before casting, since a spell one thinks is positive, might turn out negative.

All the spells I can't don't work. What am I doing wrong?

Not every spell will work. There's a few factors that determine a spell working or not. We need energy, a clear and focused mind, desire, concentration, as well as other factors some feel increase a spells power. Some feel moon phases, days of the week, astrological charts, even the materials can influence a spell. As well, magick has limitations, a simple rule is if something goes against nature it probably won't work. a spell to fly, or transform for instant, will not work, since it is not in our nature as humans to do these things. It takes practice. We are human. Simple as that. We are not perfect. There are multiple reasons why spells don't work. The basics is an essential part of spellwork. The basics include:

Not every path tells you to do the basics, but several paths suggest you do these for a year and one day to be able to cast a spell successfully.

How do I make a spell?

There are a few ways to make spells, but that is up to the caster who is casting them. When you write a spell it's more powerful to you as an individual because you put more of your own intent into it which allows you to be more connected to it. Go into a meditation and ask yourself questions about the spells. Ask and answer questions (to yourself):


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