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Wand Index - Elemental Wands

There are alot of wands, Fire, Earth, Water, Myth, Death, Balance, you name it! But what wands are are in the ELEMENTAL group and what colars are in the elemental group? First of all, Water, Fire, and Earth are the elemental wands. So Pink, red, gold, blue, silver,brown, green are the elemental

Earth: Brown and green.Through the landforms Earth controlls. A Brown stick with a leaf or two is all it has.

Fire: Red and Gold, and for girls, Pink and Gold. A gold wand with a red or pink flame are all for the flames of inside the Earth and the ones we make.

Water: Blue and silver. Controll the water, rivers, lakes, oceans.

A blue wand with a silver wave.

ALL COMBIENED: Red or pink,blue,brown wand with 1 leaf,1 flame, and 1 wave. Controlls all landforms, water bodies, and fire areas.


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