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A Protection Ritual
Here's another protection ritual - this one is for use at Full Moon and makes use of a Talisman.

You will need: Full Moon Your choice of Talisman Pure Spring Water Altar Chalice or a glass

On the night of the Full Moon, go outside or stand at a window where you have a good view of them moon open the window if possible. Pour the water into your Chalice and say, 'Mother Moon, please fill this chalice and this water with your energy of cleansing and protection, So Mote It Be!' Put your talisman into the Chalice and leave outside or on the windowsill overnight.

In the morning, thank the moon for lending her energies (This is best done in your own words as it will carry your own particular energies. A simple "Thank you" and "Blessed Be" will be enough though).

Remove the talisman and place it to one side to dry naturally and then, before drinking the water, say, 'I take your energy and blessings into me to strengthen the protection you have given - Blessed Be' Once the talisman has dried, wear it or carry it for as long as you need to. If this is an object you will carry/wear constantly, this ritual will need to be repeated at every Full Moon to keep the energies at the maximum level.

Please note, this is also a spell in the spell section of this spellbook.


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