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reference:a witch's familiar
This article will tell you about the witch's familiar.

Hello fello witches, in this article I will explain what a with's familiar is and how to get one.I'll put it on steps/categories.

1:okay, I'll tell you now about what a familiar is.First thing is, a familiar isn't only supernatural, it can also be say-a cat or dog, like a normal animal. It just needs to be blessed first,

2:Okay now, if you have you pet (small enough to hold) I believe in 'spells' they'll have one spell or two. Just search 'witch's familiar' I believe there's one in my coven.but I have my own. Chant "animal powers, come to thee, magickal powers, enchant me.let this pet hear my thoughts,not pain-forevermore, in blood in vain.

3:note-the familiar should be young,so YOU can train him/her to be yours only. If you live with more people tell them hands off!!.bond with him a lot too.

4:name it!! Give it a good name,for it shall represent YOU.

That's all. Blessed be!


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