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Broom Closet Solutions
A few techniques for those still in the "broom closet."


Broom Closet Solutions

Traditionally, those who practiced magick kept their craft a secret, and for good reason. Religious prosecution was common at the time and many feared being put to death for their practices. However, even now many modern witches still choose to keep their practices a secret to avoid religious discrimination. If you choose to remain in “the broom closet” then perhaps I can share with you some of the tricks I’ve picked up over the years. Although I’m out of “the broom closet” now, I’ve found these tricks are still helpful when you have guests over and don’t feel like going through the whole pagan conversation with them.

Your Altar & Supplies

The first, and most widely used technique is to use a temporary alter instead of having a permanent one set up 24/7. Although they are sometimes a pain to unpack and then re-pack every time you desire to have your alter or supplies for a ritual, it’s great if you have a limited amount of space in your home, have small children, or need the added privacy. Some places you could store a temporary alter or your supplies are:

Your Book of Shadows

Since a Book of Shadows is one of the most prized possessions to some people, I felt it needed it’s own paragraph. As practitioners, we put a lot of effort, time, and love into our books, which makes them so special to each of us. Growing up in the “broom closet” I was always worried someone might read or destroy my Book of Shadows, so I developed a few techniques to protect it. However, after looking back on everything I had done, I realized that making an electronic BoS was the best decision. It offers the most flexibility of a BoS and can be heavily protected. All you need to have is access to a computer and a couple places you can back it up electronically, such as a flash drive. Here are the best programs I’ve come across:


If you can’t seem to find the ability to practice as you please, then there are many other activities/practices you can do that people won’t directly link with witchcraft, and are thus safe to do in more public settings. Some ideas could be:



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