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Basics - Centering(part 1 of 3)
a series i do that protects you, you must do it in order.

sit quietly and reflect on yourself. there should be layers around you, the outer layers are small issues that you should think about in your life for a moment. now the mid-layers are things important to your life and now think about them for a moment. now the inner-layers are serious problems that affect your life, i want you to think about them for a moment. now you should see a ball of light in your chest area, that is your core and your core does not change to suit your mood and needs, it is who you are. focus on it for a moment. make yourself aware of all of the layers around you now. concentrate on what you are now for a moment. focus your thoughts on what is you and only you now. travel to your innermost self and dwell there for a moment. if you have done this correctly you should feel at one with the universe and feel peace, if not try again and see if something does not belong in your core.


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