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Scrying Basics
The basics to scrying and what it is.

Scrying is the practice of seeing visions through a material such as a translucent ball, mirror, water, fire, smoke, stones, and crystals. It is used by many different beliefs or paths. Scurrying is said to be the best way to prove psychic abilities to be real.

There are different ways to scry. The visions come from these ways. If the person is using water then the vision may be seen in the ripples caused from the dropping of a stone in the water or from the clear surface of the water. If the person is using fire the vision can be seen in the movements of the flame.

The visions themselves originate from ones subconscious. One would put themselves into a meditative trance and use the images their mind to see the vision. These images would emerge from their subconscious. At times the person's vision can be so strong, they hear their own voice telling them what they need to know. Visions are induced by the mind, but the object used helps to define or focus the vision.

Scrying can be used to see things in the future, present, and past. It can give you answers to questions that you have as well as help you find things that are missing.


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