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How to Cast a Demonic Circle
A Circle to use with Demonic Magick or Evocation. Flereous- Fire, South Leviathan- Water, West Belial- Earth, North Lucifer- Air, East Satan- All Elements

1. Set up the circle with candles representing each Element, Have a black candle on the altar to represent Satan, who brings together all the Elements.

2. Starting in the East, go Counter-Clockwise around the circle making the ZD Symbol (http://www.demonolatry.org/invoke.pdf) over each candle while repeating the Enn 3x for the Associated Demon

Lucifer- Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar, Lucifer

Flereous- Ganic Tasa Fubin, Flereous

Leviathan- Jedan Tasa Hoet Naca, Leviathan

Belial-Lirach Tasa Vefa Wehlic, Belial

3. Go to the altar and Make the ZD over the black candle while repeating an Enn 3x for Satan

Satan- Tasa Reme Laris Satan

4. Now proceed to the planned working


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