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Vampire Magic
This is a quick article on how vampire magick isn't able to exist.

Okay some of you may think you can become something you are not and vampirism isn't the first one but its the one mostly people want. Okay people watch Dracula or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and then you hear about these stories about Dracula, yes there was a man named Dracula, but that wasn't his real name, Dracula wasn't a vampire, they proved he was just crazy and in love with blood, he knew that blood could keep his skin silky smooth, but what he didn't know that it could kill him if he wasn't careful. He was only allergic to the sun because he was pail skinned he burned easily like me, he wasn't allergic to silver, he died for by stake because towns people believed he was....I am sorry, but I am tired of having people ask me for spells that involve: Vampires, Mermaids, Dragons, Werewolves...ect. I want you too know not all the magickal spells you read on here is true or real or even practiced.


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