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When creating a spell....
Some tips when you make a spell!

are you having trouble when you create spells? Well, here are some tips that may help you!

-If you can, call upon a god or goddess to make your spell more powerful. (Ex: Creating a love spell, call upon Venus)

-Light a candle. There's another ritual here somewhere which describes each candle colors' meaning. Candles are belived to help out in a spell. Don't blow it out in the end, too. That is belived to de-activate the spell. exstinguish or snuff it out.

-Try to imagine if it was already a spell, what would it say? A creative mind always helps.

-Use a wand. There's a spell here to create a wand. But spells could always use a little more magic.

-Maybe try to make a potion with oils, salt, etc.

-Use a pentagram. This is a popular magic item that should help a lot with spells.

I hope this helped, and good luck while creating spells!


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