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This is a article on awakening yourself.

First take a deep breath in, then breathe out and continue in. Even breaths until your feel comfortable. Then close your eyes and imagine your soul in a dark tunnel wandering down. Now for a few minutes imagine a light starting growing slowly. After it goes imagine you're walking through the light into a garden. In that garden you will see everything you love. Imagine a tree of life and then imagine the four elements wind, water, earth, and fire. Then finally imagine the hidden element spirit. Imagine all these elements surrounding your soul. Imagine them now spinning like a wheel around you. Now imagine you are falling through the darkness. Now imagine five lights surrounding you red-fire tan-earth aqua blue-water light blue- air and white- your soul. Now imagine you're in space all the stars everywhere and you are floating. Then the five lights fly inside you as fast as light. Now imagine you're falling to your body again.


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