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The Meaning of Each Candle
Look at the title.

RED CANDLE: The color of desire, energy, and passion. Red is an attention-getter, creates aggressiveness, creates assertiveness, creates excitement, motivates, and stimulates.

ORANGE CANDLE: The color of adventure, divorce, friendship, interaction, risk taking, and social communications. Orange encourages enthusiasm, rejuvenation, stimulation, and vitality.

YELLOW CANDLE: The color of communication of new ideas, fun, intellect, and mind. Yellow inspires anxiety, creativity, criticism, little emotion, and quick decisions.

GREEN CANDLE: The color of balance, growth, harmony, and hope. Green exalts being agreeable, dependable, diplomatic, envious, nurturing, possessiveness, and rejuvenation.

BLUE CANDLE: The color of authority, calmness, honesty, peacefulness, religion, and wisdom. Blue animates being orderly, being rigid, conservativeness, and predictability.

INDIGO CANDLE: The color of integrity, intuition, order, structure, and wisdom. Indigo exhorts acting, addiction, conformity, idealism, and introspectrun.

PURPLE/VIOLET CANDLE: The color of imagination, individuality, inspiration, and spirituality. Purple/violet peps up being cynical, being distinguished, being respectful, controlling emotions, empathy, having dignity, immaturity, and impracticality.

TURQUOISE CANDLE: The color of communication, emotional control, and self-sufficiency. Turquoise invigorates calmness, clarity of thought, and little emotion.

PINK CANDLE: The color of compassion, hope, nurturing, and unconditional love. Pink enlivens affection, calmness, caring, immaturity, and not being a threat.

MAGENTA CANDLE: The color of change, non-conformist, transformation, and universal harmony. Magenta prompts compassion, emotional balance, and inspiration.

BROWN CANDLE: The color of natural, security, stability, structure, and wholesome. Brown instigates comforting, materialism, and protection.

GRAY/GREY CANDLE: The color of compromise, control, and neutrality. Gray/grey cheers for being unemotional, depression, detachment, and the inability to make decisions.

SILVER CANDLE: The color of feminine power, illumination, prestige, reflection, and wealth. Silver urges calmness, death, dignity, responsibility, and soothness.

GOLD CANDLE: The color of luxury, prestige, success, and wealth. Gold urges on being enlightened, compassion, and generosity.

WHITE CANDLE: The color of equality, innocence, new beginnings, purity, and unity. White barracks efficiency, impartiality, rescuing, and the future.

BLACK CANDLE: The color of control, mystery, and power. Black revolutionizes aloofness, depression, dignity, formality, pessimism, and sophisticated ness.


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