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Banshee Changelings
About Demon Banshees living among us.

Some Demon Banshees have been known to disguise themselves as human female babies. These are known as Banshee Changeling. This mostly used to get to half-demons to make them more evil and possibly turn them into full demons by increasing their anger and hatred. Banshee Changelings can use their Scream to bring bad luck to the half-demon they are targeting (this is called the 'Cry of Misfortune). They also find an excuse to Scream to raise their victim's anger, bringing them closer to being full demon (this is called the 'Cry of Despair). Without this excuse, the parents will suspect that the Demon Banshee is not their own. The only way to stop a Banshee Changeling is to reveal her as a Demon Banshee as they are invincible in their baby form.


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