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Live Things In You
An article on the Magickal ailment known in Hoodoo as Live Things In You.

What is Live Things?

Live Things, another term being Live Things in You, is a magickal ailment. It makes one feel like there is a certain insect or other bug crawling around inside them. It is both Native American, and African American. Due to modern science and medicine, its existence is problematic. It is all started by secretly feeding bits of, for example, ants in their food. Cornbread, or Ice Cream is commonly used for this, but not always. After an amount of time, your target may [this varies from person to person] feel or see something crawling under their skin, or have internal cramping. Sometimes, your target may howl on all fours and die if left untreated.

What is Used in the Food?

There are many different things practitioners can use to cause Live Things. These things may include:

How to Get Rid of Live Things?

If youve somehow come down with Live Things, you can take an emetic of Poke Root, Olive Oil, and Saltpeter, however this is if you were fed cut up Horse Hair and feel Snakes inside of you. There are other ways in which the things living in you are expelled through the rectum.


Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic by Catherine Yronwode




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