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Vitality Bath Ritual
When feeling low in spirits and physical strength, perform this ritual to restore vitality.

Items needed:

Oils: Bay, frankincense, and Sandalwood

A handful of oak leaves

Two red candles

A piece of Quartz crystal

Blend a mixture of the oils: bay, frankincense, and sandalwood.

Run a bath and add oak leaves and six drops of the essential oil mixture. Light both red candles and step into the bath.

As you wash, close your eyes and visualize a rejuvenating force-field enveloping you. Feel it reinstating your waned energies and recharging your aura.

Pick the crystal up, and hold it with both hands. Take several deep breaths and relax in the bathtub while still holding it. After bathing, sit by the candles for a little while before dressing. Rinse the crystal with cool water, and put it in sunlight to dry. Repeat

this bath whenever there is stress, exhaustion, nervous tension, and moodiness.


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