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Doorway Protection
To protect your house or a room

Tools: a besom or decorative broom - plain, or decorated with dried

or silk flowers to match your decor or the current season; a nail or

hook to put on a door to hold the besom. Hang the besom or broom on

the back of the door and say:

"As you hang upon my door,

Remember what a door is for

Letting in and keeping out

Is what a door is all about.

As we travel on our rounds,

Help us return safely to our grounds.

But whether we're in or whether we're out,

Please keep want and trouble out.

Remembering the rule of three

So as I will it, so mote it be."

Make the sign of the banishing pentagram on the inside of the door,

and the sign of the invoking pentagram on the outside.


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