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Herbs and Their Uses A-B
Written by FallenStar. This list includes nuts, fruits, trees/leaves, and veg.


Acacia- Exorcism, Banishing, Money, Love.

Adam and Eve roots- Love, Happiness.

Adders Tongue- Healing.

African Violet- Protection, Spirituality.

Agaric (TOXIC)- Fertility

Agrimony- Protection, Banishing, Spell Reversal,

Break Hexes.

Ague Root- Protection, Break Hexes.

Alfalfa- Abundance, Prosperity, Money.

Alkanet- Repell Negativity, Attract Prosperity.

Allspice- Money, Luck, Healing.

Almond- Prosperity, Success in Buisness.

Aloe- Protection, Luck, Money, Repell Evil.

Althea- Protection, Psychic Power, Attract Good


Alyssium- Protection, Calm Anger.

Amaranth- Healing.

Anemone- Health, Protection, Healing.

Angelica- Protection, Exorcism, Removing

Curses/Hexes, Healing, Visions.

Anise- Purification, Sleep, Attract Good Spirits.

Apple- Love, Healing, Garden Blessing.

Apricot- Very potent for love.

Arabic Gum- Purification, Spirituality.

Arbutus- Exorcism, Protection.

Asafoetida- Purification, Protection, Exorcism.

Ash- Protection, Prosperity, Healing, Love.

Aspen- Protection.

Aster- Love.

Avens- Exorcism, Love, Purification.

Avocado- Beauty, Love, Lust. (Very Potent.)


Bachelors Buttons- Love.

Balm of Gilead- Protection, Healing, Love.

Bamboo- Protection, Luck, Break Hexes, Wishes.

Banana- Prosperity, Fertility, Potency.

Banyan- Luck, Happiness.

Barley- Healing, Protection, Love.

Basil- Exorcism, Love, Protection, Prosperity,


Bay- Psychic Powers, Protection, Healing,

Purification, Strength.

Bean- Love, Protection, Exorcism.

Beech- Creativity, Wishes, Luck.

Beet- Love. (The root is good for Visions.)

Belladonna (TOXIC)- Visions, Astral Protection.

Benzoin- Purification, Prosperity.

Be-Still (TOXIC)- Luck.

Birch- Purification, Protection, Exorcism.

Bistort- Fertility, Psychic Powers.

Bittersweet (TOXIC)- Protection, Healing.

Black Cohosh- Courage, Love, Protection, Potency.

Black Hellebore- Invisibility, Exorcism, Astral

Projection. (TOXIC)

Black Snakeroot- Love, Lust, Money.

Blackberry- Healing, Protection, Prosperity, Money

Bladderwrack- Psychic Powers, Protection, Money.

Bleeding Heart- Love.

Blessed Thistle- Protection, Animal Healing.

Bloodroot (TOXIC)- Love, Purification, Protection.

Bluebell- Luck, Truth.

Blueberry- Protection.

Blue Flag (TOXIC)- Money, Wealth, Success in Business.

Bodhi- Wisdom, Fertility, Protection, Meditation.

Boneset- Protection, Exorcism.

Borage- Courage, Psychic Powers.

Bracken- Protection, Healing, Fertility, Prophetic


Brazil Nut- Love.

Bryony- Protection, Money.

Bromeliad- Protection, Money.

Broom (TOXIC)- Protection, Purification, Divination.

Buchu- Prophetic Dreams, Psychic Powers.

Buckeye- Luck, Divination, Money, Wealth,


Buckthorn- Protection, Exorcism, Wishes, Legal


Buckwheat- Protection, Money.

Burdock- Protection, Healing.


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