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Black Magick!
A article about how black magick isn't a good practice. Black magick is a very dangerous subject to be acting in.

Please read this and think about it very carefully before you do anything!

Black Magick has a weakness of its own, it is inferior to the light, black magick has been used as long as white magick, but who says these two are very different, who says they colors matter, black magick is misunderstood. People usually name them by color, sense white is what we use to understand angelic clothing that is what we use for good. Usually sense black magick (or deceptive magick) is used by the devil they call it black, only then am I told that there is no color definition, there are only shades of grey. The darkest shade is people who use magick to control the will of someone else or hurt someone for greed or revenge, even the people in the lighter shades use the darker shades when angry or confused.

I know this can be a little confusing, because i did this to keep the minds of people on this.


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