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Four types of People in Magic

There this thing I figured their are different 4 type of people in magic its going to sound messed up but its weirdly true


Imaginative person - some have the ability to make imaginery objects etc by controlling magic/energy by will or a spell that won't effect the real world depending on what they lack , and their strength's.

Realistic person - the have the ability to create a spell , imaginery creature to start to have a effect on the real world making it coexist along side us being able to let it affect us, objects , plants etc.

IR person - have both and can create it from thought , or words having the energy/magic affect in real world .

Dud person - as try as they might they do not have IR , meaning they might have trouble doing simple spells , to beginner , novice , and above , meaning they but it's possible to learn if taught correctly .

If your wondering why IR are together their like ying and yang with both have a strong possibility of having effect then having none at all.

Most people are born with it , or it comes naturally to them , or learned if possible.

IR are together meaning ying/yang with together anything can happen


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